Rambler American
58-60 Windshield Seal WITH groove for chrome strip   NOW $169 
58-60 Windshield seal WITHOUT groove for chrome strip NOW $169
58-60 REAR Window rubber seal
 NOW $199 
Torque Tube Drive Stabilizer Trunnion
6 Cyl   $189  
Heavy Duty Torque Tube Drive Stabilizer Trunnion 8 Cyl  $299  
NEW  Outer Window Frame Weatherstrip  Seal  $3.50/ft. 
Nash Ambasssador & Statesman 1949-51

1949-51 Windshield Seal Front with groove for chrome strip.  NOW $169      

1949-51 REAR Window Seal with groove for chrome strip.  NOW $169    

1949-51 Front Vent Window Seal Pair

 NOW $269 


Torque Tube Drive Stabilizer Trunnion for 6 cyl  Ambassador $189 Heavy Duty Torque Tube Trunnion for 8 Cyl Ambassador  $299  

Nash Healey All

Nash Healey

Torque Tube Drive Stabilizer 

Trunnion Heavy Duty high torque

Restore safe straight driving

NOW $299  

  Hudson Hornet 1955-57
Torque Tube Drive Stabilizer Trunnion
6 Cyl $189   Heavy Duty V8     $299
Restore safe straight driving
 American 1961-63
 American Hardtop 1962-63
61-63 Windshield Seal with groove for Chrome Strip  NOW $179
62-63 Hardtop Rear Windshield Seal Channel  NOW $199
NEW  Outer Window Frame Weatherstrip Seal  $3.50/ft.
  Rambler 1960-62
Windshield Seal With groove for Chrome Strip NOW $199  
Torque Tube Drive Trunnion 6 CYl   $189
NEW   Outer Window Frame Seal  $3.50 per foot.
 Rambler 1951-55

Torque Tube Drive Stabilizer Trunnion for 6 Cyl   $189

Front Windshield Seal   NOW $169

NEW   Outer Window Frame Weatherstrip Seal  $3.50/ft.

Rambler  1957-59 
Rambler 10 Series
Windshield Seal  NOW $219
Rear Window Seal  NOW $219
NEW   Outer Window Frame  Weatherstrip Seal $3.50/ft.
Nash Ambassador & Statesman 1952-56
Jetfire or Dual Jetfire Decal for Engine Valve Cover   $20 
   Nash 1955-57

Grill or Trunk Emblem

NOW $65 each  BOGO second 1/2 price!

Fits 55 Rambler and 1955-57 Ambassador & Statesman

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